Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sam is 7!

Sam with his cool robot he built from Grandma Great!
Sam FINALLY turned 7! He's been counting down since last year, so it's been a long time coming. He was very upset that I wouldn't throw him a birthday party with his friends. But I reminded him that he will have one next year and that he has the wrong mom if he wants a party every year - not my thing. I told him Owen and Sofi were coming over and that would be a party - he was not impressed. (no offense Owen and Sof). Sam loved his day. His dad surprised him at lunch with some pizza, then his favorite thing was that he went to piano right after school! (Not at all, he was very angry with this). Then we had breakfast for dinner and the fam came over to help celebrate. He asked for a football cake and it turned out pretty awesome, and taste good! He got a new basketball, bat, a new quilt for his bed with sports balls on it (can you sense a theme) and lots of other fun stuff!
We love Sam in our family. He reminds us to have fun and not be boring. His Aunt Linz would be proud. Although his temper can go from happy, fun Sam to a raging demon from the dark abyss - we love him anyway. And although I mostly hate that he likes to push Max's buttons, it can get pretty funny. But usually they are best friends and I love that because they are night and day different. I also love that Sam comes home from school almost everyday to tell me that a new girl is in love with him. It's just a fact. He says it's ok, as long as they don't make him like them back! He still gets mad if people tell him he has red hair - it's orange in case you were wondering! And although he HATES practicing the piano - he's actually pretty good! He loves all sports and can't wait to try football this year.

Oh, and the weekend after Sam's bday, we went to my cousin Season's house for a St Patrick's Day lunch! It's always fun to see her and my Aunt Barbara, because I get to see a little of my Mom in them and listening to my aunt laugh is like hearing my Mom in the room again.
All the kids were out sledding while the adults gabbed.

Treats for the sledders!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Moab Wrap Up

I realized I missed a few things from Moab, so here's a quick wrap up.

 Right across from Arches, is this huge red sand hill. We stopped there our last night there to let the kids roll down. It was steep! You had to crawl at the top and it was COLD! The kids feet were like ice when they were done. But they loved it. Toby did crazy somersault/flips down the hill and everyone at the bottom started cheering for him. I thought he was going to die.
 The bathtub full of red sand.
 Our awesome pool
 Toby was so worried we would miss the dunk contest on TV. But we made it back just in time and Sam had a front row seat. Our hotel room was awesome.
I didn't get good pics of us running down the hill cuz I was taking video, so here's just a short clip:

Monday, March 5, 2018


We hit up Canyonlands, and it was a good choice for that day since there was a line a mile long to get into Arches. The views we saw from here were insane. And that weekend there was a running race where you run down in the bowl of the canyon and back out. It was a 55k. Crazy. But someone asked me if I was going to run it - I like to think it's because I look like I'm in such good shape and not because I happened to be wearing my Ragnar jacket when they saw me, right?!

 Everywhere we go:

 Yes, that's Sam peeing over the cliff:
 After the crowds died down in Arches, we went back in to see Landscape Arch. Again, amazing.

 Photographer Sam:

Monday, February 26, 2018


Due to lack of planning from me and Toby, we realized we had no plans for a summer vacation. And since it was way too late to book anything anywhere we opted for this year to be our "Utah" vacation. This has actually been on our list to do, so it all worked out. Instead of putting ALL of Utah into one vacation, we're going to do a bunch of little ones to try and see all the cool places our state offers!
Our first mini trip was to Moab! It was amazing! We LOVED the Arches National Park. You could explore in there forever and still not see everything. We hiked the Delicate Arch right when we pulled in to Moab and the sky and the light was beautiful. We are big fans. Max was a grouch on the way up but we knew if we just ignored him he would turn into happy hiker Max, because he loves to hike because he never stops and doesn't need to stop. It was A LOT colder than we thought it would be. Once we got up there with the wind coming down. Brrrr.
We loved our hotel, it was a new one with a gigantic pool and 6 hot tubs and everyone had their own bed so that's always a plus. We keep wondering when the highlight of the trip for the boys will be something other than the hotel.

 Megan dances EVERYWHERE
 We loved having this racetrack in the room to keep the boys busy.
 Needless to say, Megan was very comfortable and slept well!

Friday, February 9, 2018

All About Megan

Megan received her Young Women medallion this week. Yes, you read that right, her medallion - she's only 13. Most YW get it when they're Laurels, but not Megan. She went to New Beginnings for her 1st time and heard all the laurels encourage the new girls to get it done while they're in beehives, because it gets harder to do the older you get. Well, Megan must've taken this to heart and got to work. We are so proud of her. My sisters like to call Megan 'Practically Perfect Megan', and they are right. Toby and I can't take any credit for it. Well, maybe Toby. But I'm just trying not to screw her up. On a daily basis, you can hear me tell her, 'Don't be like me Megan', so she must be obeying!! After she received her necklace, the YW President asked her to share her testimony, and I loved what she said, "The reason I got done doing this so fast was because I loved the way it made me feel. I knew that what I was doing was bringing me closer to Heavenly Father, and that's a good thing." She is very wise!
 We got Megan a cactus - her and her friends are obsessed with them. They are pretty cute!
 (By the way - don't let that little girl on the right fool you! She was running under all the tall people and stealing the ball. Word got around in the ward, and people started coming to watch just to see her. It was awesome.)
We also had our stake YW basketball tournament, and our ward took 2nd place. We could've taken first but Toby was the ref and wouldn't call fouls on the other team! - not really, I just really like to say this to him because it makes him REALLY mad and Toby never gets mad so sometimes it's nice to see that he's human. Anyway - Megan was a HUGE help to her team and lots of people asked me if she was on the school team. Too bad dance gets in the way!
 Megan and her good friend Ellie performed a duet in the school's solo ensemble competition and I was really impressed! Especially considering Megan has never taken any private lessons. I love that Megan isn't afraid to try new things!