Monday, July 9, 2018

Antelope Island

In our efforts to explore more of Utah, we took the kids out to Antelope Island to do some hikes, and explore! Everyone had a good time, so we'll definitely be back!

This nasty coyote wouldn't get out of the way!

Those are lots of buffalo behind Max - it was awesome.
We took them down to skip rocks in the lake. Luckily, the biting gnats weren't out, but there were nasty bugs. Watch the video.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Tighten Your Grip

The whole stake - or what Toby could fit in the picture.
Toby and I had the awesome opportunity to help out with our stake youth conference this year. It was a Moroni's Quest year (we reenact the Book of Mormon) and the theme was Tighten Your Grip. It was pretty awesome. I was in awe of all the different people that had to help out to make it happen. We went to Wyoming and camped in the same place that we had built the Nauvoo temple for trek 2 years previously.
Toby was the high councilman over everything, so he was everywhere, helping out with everyone. I was asked to help out with the reenactments and the costumes. It was a lot of fun!
The first night, we reenacted the Tree of Life - wish I had pics of the iron rod, it was cool!
Our ward getting ready to watch another reenactment.
In case you don't know what a cuddle puddle is.

Megan was a Lamanite for one of the many battles
King Benjamin's tower we built - yes, that' right - we built it and yes it was used by King Benjamin and Samuel the Lamanite.
What Abanadi looked like after he was burned.
Proof, that we were all there together.
The flour war.
Our ward after the flour war.
We had lots of 'commercials' in between scenes with some cool musical numbers. These guys played these garbage cans like drums. It was awesome!

What our camp looked like.

Toby always does a hand stand contest wherever he goes. He's never lost.
Megan's up there on the right, next to King Lamoni
Me and the 'magic' team. These are the ladies that made everything happen. Script, costumes, logistics - they ran everything.
Megan's tribe
  One of the coolest experiences of the whole weekend was being with the 'Stripling Warriors' (the 2 youngest boys from each ward). I happened to be with them to help get them all dressed and give them weapons, but then I got to hear Helaman (Pres. Squires) talk to the boys. It was amazing. He stayed in character the whole time, and afterwards at testimony mtg said he can't recall everything he said because at one point it wasn't him talking. He called the boys his 'sons' and reminded them of the testimony of their mothers and as long as they had as much faith as their mothers, that they would not be harmed. Then he asked one of the boys to pray before battle. That boy happened to be from our ward and we talked to him after, and he was pretty emotional as well and said he had no idea what he said in the prayer. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I've had. Definitely won't forget about it.
Helaman talking to his sons.


Ready for battle

It's hard to see, but the Stripling Warriors are lined up at the bottom of the hill, ready to attack.
The other neat experience we had, was doing the Pre -Savior Experience.  This was something Toby specifically was in charge of, and gratefully, it went off without a hitch. Each kid was blindfolded and a audio recording started talking about the Savior's life. There were words and songs. When certain parts came, like Jesus healing the blind, the kids tribal leaders would touch each kid on their eyes. We also had a crown of thorns, a nail and a beam (and lots of other things) for each kid to feel as well while they were listening to the audio recording. It was a pretty neat experience to be up on the stage watching all the kids. By the end, nearly every kid had a wet blindfold from crying. At the end of the audio, the kids were led over to a field to sit down - then they heard Heavenly Father's voice 3 times announcing the Savior, then the kids were allowed to take off their blindfolds. When the did they say the Savior(our stake President) standing on the hill. He came down and touched each youth. It was a pretty cool experience.

Our ward.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Adventure Awaits

June didn't slow down for us. I helped plan girls camp and then Toby & I both helped out with stake youth conference (more on that later). But being busy means no bored kids, so that's nice!
Girls camp was awesome! I'm glad I've had the chance to go to girls camp now because I REALLY didn't enjoy girls camp when I grew up, so I get to pretend I'm doing it all over again! The theme was Adventure Awaits.
We went to a super nice cabin in Oakley. It was sooo nice to be able to sleep in a bed (the girls were all in tents outside), that's the way to do it! I was in charge of finding a service project, so I called the city to see if there was something we could do and they were soooo happy we called and asked if we could paint the rodeo arena! Of course, we were excited to do that. And we got WAY more done that what they ever expected. So if you go to the Oakley rodeo, enjoy the new paint job!
 We started out doing some repelling up by the B. It was so hot that day! But the girls loved it!

Hanging out at the cabin - it was so nice to be able to come inside!
The woman sitting on the couch is one of our newest leaders, Melanie. The girls adore her. Pretty much she was always surrounded by girls like this while they listened to every word she said. I don't blame them, I think she's pretty awesome too!
Painting the indoor arena - we painted the outdoor one too.

Twinning is winning! Krista & I decided we are the exact opposites - physically. It's pretty funny. I yelled for her whenever I needed something high, and she made me crawl in the cubby hole whenever she needed something from there.

This is just a pretty picture of the cabin we stayed in and the pretty cliff behind it.
This is our YW Pres., Colette, she had an awesome fireside one night where she went around the circle and asked each person those 7 questions. They could only pass on 1. It was awesome and I highly recommend it. I enjoyed it more than the testimony mtg. The last question is What is one thing we can do for you? (ministering) Interestingly - most everyone just said 'smile at me'. Everyone just wants/needs a friend!
This was my big project I helped with. One Sunday we had each YW take a turn standing in front of a chalk board while everyone else wrote compliments about that girl on the chalkboard. The YW wasn't able to turn around to see what the girls wrote, and then we took a picture, erased everything and moved on to the next girl. So now each girl has a picture proof of all the good things people think about them. Then we set all their pictures up on the last night of camp and tied a string from them to the picture of Christ. We also put a bunch of white lights on the tree behind. We unveiled it when it was dark - and it looked awesome! It may be the new tradition (if I'm around that long).

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Winding Down

Whew. Just posting about the end of school makes me tired! May is a crazy month, but we had a lot of fun!
We did the School's Color Run - the boys did awesome!

Max got 3rd boy overall and got a medal!

The color bomb at the end. Crazy.

We managed to make it to the zoo.
Field Day is the BEST!
The firetruck comes and hoses down the kids - it's great!

Megan found out that she made the Jr. High Dance team! And with moves like that - of course she did!
Summer nights are the best - evening of the last day of school.
 I love looking at the 1st and Last day pictures. And yes, Max is wearing the same shirt!

And this is what we all looked and felt like after we made it through the end of school!