Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bear Lake

We did it! We actually made a short vacation with ALL my family happened! It's a Christmas miracle! Especially when you consider Mel's baby was only 1 week old! She's amazing. We stayed in a great house with an amazing view of Bear Lake. It had a hot tub on the deck that was utilized quite a bit, and a pool down the road. We were not bored! My dad's neighbor's also let us come hang out at their lake front property and use all their kayaks and paddle boards. Uncle Randy is now the new favorite uncle because he provided a wave runner for everyone to have fun with as well! We even managed to be there for the Raspberry Days Parade - it was awesome!
 No one complained about our view during dinner!
 The kids had fun on tandem
 Playing with the babies was also fun
 We had awesome FHE lessons every night. All the older grandkids talked about one of our ancestors.
 Cousins + Pool = Lots of Fun!

 We tried all the different shakes to offer. The consensus was Zipps was the best, then La Baughs, then Hometown.
 These swings are sooo comfy!
 Ice Caves!

 It felt soo good in the cave! And yes, that's snow!
 The house we got to hang out and swim at.
 The boys LOVE kayaking

 Max is real good at catching bugs

 Megan talking about Linz in Linz's England hat and scarf.
 Glow stick night.
 We got a pretty intense double dutch tournament going.

 Tether ball got pretty intense too.
 The parade!
The final campfire.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Until Next time

We ended our stay with pretty much the same thing we always do: Snoqualmie Falls, lake swimming and more lake swimming. It was sad to leave as usual but it helped a little knowing we would be seeing the Balls in a month! With their new baby!

 Sam either held hands with Landon or put his arm around him. So cute.
Proof that not only is Marcus taller than me, he's WAY taller than me. Which I guess doesn't take much.
 Chism Beach

 There's 5 kids in that dog pile.

 Randy's new Endodontic practice!! He was showing us where and how the bathrooms will go.
 One of our favorite shows is Treehouse Masters. We made it to their Bed and Breakfast where they first started building them! I had a better picture, but I like this one of Max's bum and Landon's nose.
Walked by to see this happening. Love it.
 Yeah, it's totally normal to see a helicopter land at the house right next to you.
10 kids on the slide! Best way to end our trip! Can't wait until next time!

Monday, July 24, 2017


We were excited to be spending the 4th with the Ball family. We'd heard many times about the awesome fireworks that go right over their house. And we were excited to be able to enjoy the day without sweating our brains out! It did not disappoint! This was the first time our boys have actually stayed awake long enough to see fireworks, so it was a lot of fun to watch their faces.
Of course earlier in the day we went to the lake and had lots of fun as usual. We also went on a fun hike and Mel made some amazing hamburgers for us to enjoy for dinner!
There's a random old bus in the middle of the woods on the hike we went to. It was pretty cool.

All the boys thought these snakes were pretty cool. Gross.
 If you're wondering if boys like to watch Moana too, here's your answer:

 Root Beer Floats on the 4th! We're living the dream!
 Max never wanted to get out of the kayak.
 I almost peed my pants at the new game we came up with - belly bopping the person off the tramp. It was hilarious and Landon is the king.
 Sam got pretty good in the kayak too!
 Yummy hamburgers!
 Mel and Randy's yard is amaze balls.