Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wrap Up

You know it's a good trip when you've been home for over a month and it's taken you this long to get all the pictures in! We had such a good time and made memories that we'll never forget!
We made the whole trip even more memorable by barely making it back to the US. When you go to Mexico they stamp your passport and they stamp a paper that you're supposed to keep with you until you leave (no one told us this, even though we had a wonderful conversation with the immigration officer!). We did not keep those papers. They asked for them at the Huatulco airport and when we didn't have them they told us we'd have to figure it out in Mexico City. When we got off the flight in Mexico City no one asked for them so we assumed we were okay. Our plane started boarding an hour early and they called our names, we went to the desk and they told us they needed those papers or we couldn't board the plane! Ahhhh! We ran through the airport with Sam sobbing because he was starving (we were just about to buy food when they called our names), we made it to the immigration office to be met with an angry Mexican that didn't like Americans and didn't care that we were about to miss our flight. It was insane, and scary, and cost money, but to make the long story short - we made it on the flight by the skin of our teeth. Toby was drenched in sweat Sam was in shock by everything that had just happened and was starving, Megan was grateful our prayers had been answered, Max was just happy to be on the plane so he could finally play his DS, and I was grateful to be sitting down so maybe my hands would stop shaking! We felt like we were on Home Alone running through the airport screaming for people to get out of the way. It was awesome.
The kids (Max) did this puzzle of Mexico at least 20 times a day.

I've got at least 5 pictures with Leila and her tongue out. Bish wouldn't listen when she said stop taking pictures! (Sorry Leila, it had to be documented.)

Megan & Toby ran to the beach one morning.

I love this picture - Toby & I had just gotten 'Mexican Massages'. We look awesome, especially Toby's hair!
They had fun parks there!

Sam, thrilled to being petted and hugged...again.
Brothers! Sam was smart and asked to buy a hat. I didn't think anything of it until after he put it on and he said, "There, now no one will know I have orange hair." Smart boy.
 Here's video of just a small portion of what Sam endured that week:

2 great missionaries!

We were there for Valentine's Day. The school behind the apartment put on an awesome show. I loved watching it.

It's tradition to do a pinata before we leave.

Sam was soooo excited he got to take the garbage and put it in the garbage truck!

One of the yummiest places we ate at, was run by this guy named Max (from Germany, go figure) so of course we had to get a picture of the 2 Max's

The town square the morning we left.

On the airplane going home. Sam found this iguana in the airport. Larry. He loves it and takes it everywhere.

Sam wore his Mexico shirt the next day to school. He was worried the kids wouldn't understand him because he'd still be speaking Spanish!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Baby Turtles!

Releasing baby turtles was definitely the highlight of our trip. The kids talk about it all the time. I even considered getting them a pet turtle, until I found out they have all sorts of diseases and hard to take care - but if you know me, you know it's a miracle that I was even considering it!
We actually had the benefit of releasing turtles at 2 different beaches. On our drive up the coast, we stopped at a beautiful beach that not many people know about. It was beautiful there, and not one other person was there! Crazy! A local stopped us before we headed to the beach and gave us a bucket and told us to look out for baby turtles hatching and help them to the water. We didn't really think we'd find any, but we found quite a few! Megan even found one digging it's way out of the sand from where it was hatched! It was pretty awesome!
Then we drove to the next beach that lets you release the baby turtles for a small price. They have the area roped off and you do it at sunset and it's just magical!
There's one little turtle!

Wave jumping was a big hit!

So was finding sticks!

Dancing on the beach was a favorite for this girl.

There goes our 3 little turtles!

So cute!

One happy boy!

Getting ready to release them!
Poor Megan, she got my hair. We called this her 'lions mane'. Good thing she's still beautiful!

Even I got in on it!

There they go!

The waves here were pretty crazy! And yes, Toby somehow managed to fit that hat in his suitcase. Yay.

Good bye turtles!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Alligators & Iguanas

We got out the door pretty quick Monday morning and drove up the coast to see some cool beaches, go to an alligator preserve, an iguana preserve, and most importantly - release baby turtles into the ocean!! It was such a fun day and as you can see in the pictures, very hot!

Before we went out on our boat, our guide took us to see some baby turtles that had just hatched! They were sooo cute! The kids couldn't stop smiling!
Max was a big fan.

See that creepy alligator in the water!

We parked our boat on the island and were getting out when our guide told us there was an alligator over there! Only 10 feet from us! We all ran to hide behind a tree, then the guide tied his flip flop to a string and threw it by the alligator to come out.

Oh, he came out all right! I was screaming all the way to the safe hut. He was huge! EWWW! Don't they give you the creeps!
When Sam ran away from the alligator he hid behind a tree and on top of a red ant pile! They crawled all over his legs and he screamed. Luckily, our guide had some medicine to put on him. Sam was a grump until he got some food in him.

This monkey was awesome. He would swing and play all over and come say hi.

More yummy food!

Max was so patient and quiet and actually pet the deer! Crazy!

Sam was finally happy with his soda.
These plants were so cool! If you touched the leaves they would curl up. And since Sam is crazy, he kept ruining by smashing his hand all over the leaves. Sigh.

After alligators, we drove to see iguanas. I would be okay never seeing those again. Gross.