Friday, December 15, 2017

Wrap Up

Our last day was filled with beaches, and more beaches. The kids were dying to go to one that had more waves, so we complied and they had sooo much fun! They were also completely covered in sand after all their wipeouts! Then we went to another beach where we could sit and eat yummy guac, french fries and limanadas. Yum! It's the perfect food for the beach. We also went on the banana tube, which makes me laugh because those long ones are outlawed in the US. But ti was a lot of fun and Sam only freaked out a little big after we asked the guy to dump us! We will miss you Huatulco!

 After being dumped
 Big Waves!

 All day long


 Sam always makes friends.
 Sam dug a hole and wanted to fill it up with water. He lugged buckets and buckets of water up there but the sand always just sucked it in. I kept wondering if he'd figure it out, but he didn't. And I didn't want to tell him because I knew he'd sleep good!
 A true angel.
 Not so much an angel.
 Usually an angel.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Boys

Can you tell Sam has his angry face on!
There's 3 little boys that we have all fallen in love with there in Huatulco. Their mother is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in real life. Her husband passed away a while ago and now she's caring for their 3 sons. Last time we were there they were about to move their house one lot over, and this time we got to see the finished product! It was exciting! The Elder's Quorum helped them out and they laid a cement floor and even put in a bathroom for them (no running water, just a drain in the floor for things to go). These boys LOVE Bish & Leila. When they see their car coming they start screaming and jumping up and down, and then they give them the biggest hugs as soon as they get out of the car. The boys even know how to sing Pony Boy with Bish. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. We had a fun time this time showing them how to do hand stands. It was hilarious. They all wanted a turn. We learned that all their toys had washed away in the big rains they had this year. So before we left we took the kids to the store and bought the boys some new toys they could play with. It was so fun to drop them off and see how excited the boys were. Definitely something we won't forget!
The last night there, we also got to attend the ward's talent show. It was awesome. There were 3 guys that did break dancing - and it was really good! Max and Toby both performed on the piano. Then we got to watch some lip sync that was crazy - they had a 'band', back up singers, dancers and whoever the main guy was must be pretty popular because people were going crazy! It was pretty funny.
 Best hugs ever!

Once he saw the bucket of hot wheels, he grabbed them before his older brothers even got a chance to see them and ran out of there. Smart boy!
 I laugh so hard when I see this pic of Sam. We were driving past this park that had all these women there in orange shirts. So of course Toby wanted to stop and see what was going on. After they had talked with some people Toby noticed this group of girls that were about to perform and wanted to get a picture of Sam with them, and they wanted one of Sam too since they never see orange hair and white skin! Sam would have nothing to do with it! I've never seen him so angry. He even made me promise to delete the picture. Oops!
 Waiting for the talent show to start. See the boy in the orange shirt? He must have gone to the same place Toby went - he got the same shirt!

 The break dancers

Monday, December 11, 2017


Our Thanksgiving day there will be one we don't forget! Who can complain if you get to go to a beach on Thanksgiving! Definitely not me! We woke up and did the 'Chicken Fat' exercise with the grandparents (look it up, it's hilarious), then we headed to our favorite beach from our last trip - the hidden beach. It was even more beautiful than we remember because things were still green this time. Last time we came everything was brown because we were in the dry season. We came home in time to clean up and eat with the missionaries. So fun to visit with the missionaries, and even more fun that they have sister missionaries there now! They're the best! We even had unexpected visitors, but it's Mexico! No big deal, join us for dinner! The food was delicious! Leila is amazing for figuring out how to cook Thanksgiving dinner in a crockpot! She even made 6 pies!
 Everyone doing the Chicken Fat exercise.
 Grandpa and Megan went out to get flowers for the table
 Playing at the beach!

 The kids caught 2 crabs! They were so excited.
 I took a picture of this because this not what you would see at an American Thanksgiving table. There's usually not limes, hot sauce and peppers!
 Toby enjoyed his dinner so much, he broke his fork!
 These boys were hilarious! They come over all the time after school to get treats from Bish! They're both really great boys - one converted the other to the church! Great story.
 There was a random parade

 Playing football
 We took some family pics at the beach