Thursday, October 12, 2017

This & That

 Max got his wolf award for scouts
 The boys got to ride these pony's for pack mtg and before soccer. (busy night)

Last Soccer Game! Hallelujah!
 Our run in with a skunk during our walk in between general conference sessions. Sam was worried about it's sharp teeth. Me and Megan ran for our lives.
 On the way home from our walk we saw these awesome cars doing a race. It was awesome. We could have stayed there all day.
 I love it when the kids or friends draw pictures of themselves. Us moms really liked this one because Oliver doesn't seem to have any clothes on!
We finally got another cute baby around these parts - Claire! But our family calls her Sparkles because that's what Sofi told us to call her.
 Megan got her braces off! She is soooo happy! And beautiful!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Eclipse and Crazy Boys

There was so much hype about the eclipse that we kept debating whether or not to jump in the car and drive to Idaho with our friends. Especially when they text us and told us no one was there. It was tempting but we decided to stay home. We wish we had been there because even though we weren't in the zone of totality, it was so cool! But when we heard it took our friends 9 hours to get home from a 3 hour max drive, we felt ok about staying home!
 The shadows the trees made were the coolest!
Crazy hair day at school, and yes, the boys are the same height now.
 The one really cold day we had last week, our furnace wasn't working. So we decided to make the best of it and roast marshmallows!

Growing up in a family full of girls, it's fascinating to me to watch the boys. Boys are weird, and think weird things are really funny. One night the boys stuffed their jammies with blankets and then proceeded to wrestle. They thought it was great. I don't think I've ever heard Max laugh so hard.

And just to give Megan a turn - Us girls left the boys at home and went to the conference center for women's conference. So glad I have a girl in my family to enjoy things like that with!

Friday, September 29, 2017

State Fair

We love going to the State Fair. We also love that they do a reading incentive for kids to read over the summer and tell them about it and they give your kids a free admission ticket, a ticket for a treat, and a ticket for a ride! Score! We were also really excited this year that the new rodeo arena was finally done. It was really nice! They also let your kids sign up for free to do Mutton Bustin'! It's times like these where Max's shortness comes out to be a positive because most kids his age would be too big to ride. Both boys did it this year - Max's 2nd time and Sam's 1st. It was pretty funny to watch. I thought Max would get 1st place but another boy barely beat him. Sam held on for about a second and fell off and hit his nose, but the pretty cowgirls quickly made him feel better!
 We don't know why, but there weren't a ton of people the night we went. So the kids were able to do stuff there's usually a huge line for. They were thrilled to get a turn at fishing. Max and Sam both caught one quickly and Megan sure did try with her cute pink pole but her line kept getting snagged and broken every time a fish caught on!

 Soda Pop & a rodeo - these boys were in heaven.
Getting ready to ride the sheep!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Labor Day

For Labor Day we decided to do a hike that we normally only snowshoe to, it's been a long time since I've done it with no snow and it all looked a lot different! But we knew the boys would like it because there's a bunch of old cars that crashed down the ravine from the cliff up above. Plus a cool waterfall at the end! As usual, we were all trying to keep up with Max, he's a Sherpa. I really think he should try Mt. Everest. He just goes, and goes!

 To get down to the waterfall you have to go down this super steep trail with sharp rocks on it. Luckily, someone has tied a rope so you can repel down. It's so much easier to do in snow when you can just jump and slide! And this picture doesn't really show how steep it was.
 Do you see Megan up there?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Museums, Moster Trucks & Fairs

Before the end of summer, we were trying to keep our sanity and found lots of free museum days to get us through it! We hit the natural history museum with some friends, which was a good thing because it wasn't my favorite and the only place Sam wasn't bored was the dinosaur area.

 Us Mom's couldn't believe that we had just walked through a huge museum with cool things to see and all the kids cared about was playing this electronic video game that shows what happens to the earth with global warming. Whatever.
Just me and the boys went to the Treehouse Museum, they could have stayed there for hours. Sam stayed dressed up in his police uniform almost the entire time we were there. The only way I could convince them to leave was to promise that we would be back.

 Max was more content just to go to the art station. He is becoming quite the artist!
 Watching Sam pretend he was a cowboy at a rodeo was hilarious.
We were super excited to find Pikachu in the Japan area - and that Max was wearing his Pokemon shirt!
 Greg and Heidi gave us tickets to the Rocky Mountain Raceway to see monster trucks and other races. It was awesome! We'd never been there before and didn't know what to expect. Other than the fact that it was 200 degrees outside, we loved it!

 Of course, we went to the Davis County Fair! Wouldn't miss it! Sam was excited to see this iguana that was the same color as he is!