Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Seattle by way of Portland

They did baptisms at the Portland temple.
Toby had to go on a work trip to Portland during spring break, so we decided to send Megan with him. As they were talking about the trip, they realized that Seattle is only 3 hours away! Hooray! We kept it a surprise and they showed up to a very surprised Ball family! The only thing that would've made it better was if I had been there, but oh well.  They had a blast with the Ball clan eating lots of good food, going on hikes and lots of rope swing. And it was made even better because their plane kept getting delayed, so they got to spend another 4 hours there!!

They couldn't believe they got to rent this car! Now this is all Toby wants for Christmas.

Megan was dancing everywhere they went.

Cool quote.

Hiking a muddy trail in Portland.

Reunited with yummy food!

Cousins are the best!

Hiking in Seattle.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Boy Stuff

They decided to dress up like twins because everyone at the zoo the day before had asked them if they were twins!
The boys have been having a lot of fun lately - and that includes killing each other. Megan and Toby were gone over spring break so it was just them. I thought by the end of it someone would be dead, but they also had a lot of fun. They just need to remember to take a break from each other once in a while. The problem is all of their friends have brothers the same age as Max and Sam and so they end up playing together again!
Helping out with yard work.

Space Derby! Max was sooo excited to lead the 'watermelon cheer' - his favorite!

His Rocket - he really did do all the work, we just helped with some sanding.

1st place!!!

We often find Sam 'dumpster diving' so he can make something. This time Max joined in.
Trying the new rope swing at the zoo.

Poor Sam found out he's allergic to everything.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sam is 6!

Sam is 6! We're so glad he finally turned 6 so he can start asking when he will turn 7. His birthdays are all starting to be the same: go golfing with dad, and a tractor cake. He had a lot of specifications for his tractor cake this year. They all needed to be yellow tractors, there had to be certain levels with certain trucks on them, and it needed to be chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. So basically a big chocolate blob. But it ended up tasting pretty good!
It was unusually warm on his birthday so we invited everyone over for the first hot dog barbecue for the season! The kids were having too much fun playing and never really got around to eating, but the adults took care of that for them.
Sam really wants to be a good golfer and loves going, but it's so hilarious because in case you didn't know, you have to be calm and concentrate for golf. None of those descriptions fall in Sam's category but it's really fun to watch him try! He makes a really boring sport fun!
We love having Sam in our family! We would be a bunch of boring people if he wasn't around to make us laugh and remind us that life is meant to be happy!
Birthday shopping!

Hot dogs for everyone!

He's an angry swinger.

Eating the leftover cake for breakfast the next day!
Here's a video that will make you laugh of Sam golfing - don't worry he got better.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


A week after we got back from Mexico, Toby and I went to San Diego - Coronado island to be more exact. It was for Toby's big wine them and dine them weekend with the clients and I was supposed to go and look pretty. Toby had a few clients there that kept him busy, which was fine with me because as soon as they started talking shop, I was out of there. I spent hours by the pool, watched Gilmore Girls, read lots of good books, and got a facial. It was hard, but someone had to do it.
Going to Coronado was cool because I've read lots of books about the Navy Seals being trained there. I found out they were just starting their training that weekend and some people had seen them out running, but unfortunately I didn't see anyone.
The island has the cutest houses, I could totally live there when I'm a millionaire, it was hard to find a house that was only 1 million dollars and that was with 1 bedroom, most were a couple million. There's also a cool huge hotel called The Dell of Coronado that we explored, it was amazing!
We also got to go sailing, which I've always wanted to do. I love riding on boats going fast, but it was 10 times better being on a boat going fast with silence since there's no motor. I loved it, but it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.
My room key - you know you're not in Utah anymore!

Eating dessert I snagged from the dinner while watching Gilmore Girls! Perfect night!

The view from our room.

I'm steering, I wasn't very good.

We sailed to that bridge and back. That's San Diego over yonder.

Toby got a turn too.

Yes, I'm holding 3 beers. Everyone had gotten their beers out to drink because they thought they were done working the ropes, but then some wind came and we had to change everything so I offered to hold everyone's drinks! They smelled bad!

This ceiling was built with no nails! Amazing!

This was the huge lobby, I just loved the elevator. It still looks old with the wire cage and an old man that pushes the buttons for you!

These are called the "Taft" chairs after President Taft. They were built to hold his girth.

A dragon tree! These were all over in Toby's mission.

For the kids - birthday cake ice cream! It tasted just like cake, but you only needed one bite.

This is piles and piles of sea shells! It was crazy! I've never seen anything like it. I loved walking all over them and hearing them crunch. I also found 12 beautiful, white sand dollars! That's never happened either!

Our resort. And yes, even Toby's boss has noticed he only wears orange. He saw us on the flight home and asked Toby why he didn't have any orange on. How embarrassing.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

February Things

Enjoying a day at the park
February was quite the busy month. We went to Mexico and when we got back the Balls family was here. When they left, Toby and I went to San Diego for work. So February went by pretty fast!
I took the youth to the food bank to help out - it was a lot of fun!

Max doing his skit for the blue & gold banquet. They were giggling like a bunch of school girls.

When the Balls family came, we went to Crown Burger. But the kids clearly didn't appreciate it because all they did was fight over who got ot play on the phone.

When Sofi says sit, you sit.

Karaoke was a big hit.

Even with the lights off and shirts off.

Sam goes out and saws and hammers on his wood almost everyday.

Our cute neighbor, Danny, saw Sam and Max out working on it and brought more of his own tools and helped them out.

Author's Night.

Bless Sam, writing is not his strong point because it requires him to sit still - that's not possible.

Sof likes to come over and jump!