Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Color Run

Our elementary school does a 5k Color Run every spring. The kids are always very excited about it. I'm always thinking, 'running + chalk thrown in my face = not fun.' But I'm usually outvoted. We didn't think Megan would be able to make it because she had a dance competition early that morning but as soon as she was done dancing we jumped in the car and raced home and made it just in time! Max, of course, took off and we never saw him again. He finished in just under 30 minutes. This was Sam's first time to actually run an entire 5k and he was having visions of beating everyone and going as fast as a bullet. Sadly, reality hit him about 20 steps into the run after he had sprinted off. The only thing that kept him going was that he had to beat his teacher, which he did. You can see her right behind him in the pictures! Sam finished in 32 minutes - still very impressive but he was dying! The boys loved showering off because the water looked like blood!
Relaxing before the race - I totally want one of those chairs!!


Sam with his teacher behind him, they're just getting started.

The chalk dusting! How is that fun? You're breathing hard and they poor chalk on your face! I don't get it.

The final result

Here's the video of all the runners doing one big final chalk bomb:

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Laura Jorgenson said...

I'm with you. I cannot handle chalk dust. They just had a color chalk fundraiser thing for one of our schools and we didn't go. I couldn't handle it.