Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Our Other Home

Lake Sammamish - phot cred - Mel
We have officially named Mel and Randy's home, our 2nd home. (They may not be ok with it, but we don't care.) We LOVE it there. It is a beautiful, magical place. Combine that with fun cousins, Mel's yummy food, and an awesome house - it's a win/win situation! Mel & Randy were really nice to let us come this year - they're in the middle of opening up a new endodontist office and Mel is weeks away from having a baby! Like I said, really nice. We're just trying to figure out how we can get the treehouse masters to build a treehouse/guesthouse in Mel's backyard so we can come stay in that!
 There was a lot of this happening on the drive.
 Not really sure why hotel pools are so exciting
 Sam found his own table to eat breakfast at and watch baseball
 After big screams and hugs, the boys quickly headed down to Big Rock Park.
 Then we went to another awesome park.
 While the teenagers did baptisms.
 Then, we quickly went to our favorite spot - Pine Lake!
 Mel's neighbors were super awesome and let us hang out on their dock all week.

 Sunday walks there are awesome!

 Everyone's looking at the owls we spotted.
Apparently none of our children know how to just stop and smile.

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